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Peg's Mansion
Drop Caphis is the second of the adventures that I have produced using a web-style comic book. I have called it 'Peg's Mansion', it still needs more work on the texturing, lighting modelling and other bits and pieces but it gets the story and ideas across. One more story is in the pipeline and it will be added to reveal a world or fun, mischief, magic and adventure that Bella Bear and her friends all live in - I hope you will like them!

Bella and Hannah have been invited to Witchy Peg's house for tea and biscuits. They love visiting the old witch because she tells them tales and stories that completely engross them.   Hannah chuckles at the thought of what cakes Peg might have and the two friends eyes get bigger and bigger!

Alf greets them at the door with a cheeky grin and leads them through Peg's rambling old mansion.   The two friends seat themselves at the table whilst Peg swigs her gin. She smiles at them and says she's off to get their tea and cakes.
Peg wanders off to get the cakes but because she was slightly tipsy she goes through the wrong door and accidentally slips down the stairs - silly old witch!   Silly old Peg bounces down the stairs and ends up on her last bounce flying through the air and falling down her well.