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Witchy Peg


Drop Capveryone usually thinks that witches are evil and nasty, well not this one. Witchy Peg is more of an eccentric guardian angel than anything else, usually always flying in to get Bear and Hannah out of trouble.

She does have a cauldron, pointy hat, broomstick and does cast spells, but she too usually gets her spells wrong. This is primarily due to the fact that she is getting on a bit and her mind is getting a bit fuddled...

At twelve o'clock (the witching hour) she can be seen flying around on her rocket-powered broomstick, and although she hasn't yet fallen off she has come close. She sometimes drops into Bella's igloo when Hannah is there to tell them stories by the fire of things that happened centuries ago because she is about six hundred years old. In fact nobody really knows how old she is, not even Witchy Peg!

Most Witches have a familiar in the shape of a cat, owl or bat. Witchy Peg however, has a goblin - 'Alf' the goblin.