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Hannah Bannah


Drop Capannah Bannah is a rather frumpy looking school mistress of a fairy. Not the sort from fairy stories who is small oh no! Hannah is about the same size as Bella - five foot nothing. She is very much a scatty fairy who can never really cast any spells since she always ends up turning everyone into a frog and then goes off sulking and apologizing for getting it all wrong. She is often seen floating around Bear Wood talking and muttering to herself and dreaming of things that she hopes to one day do but knows she never will. No Hannah tends to charge in without thinking and usually that causes dire consequences.

When she gets together with Bella and they wander off into the world who knows what could happen. Usually it is nothing more than a trip to the cake shop where Bella and Hannah will stuff themselves on cakes and regret it afterwards. Bella will have gotten too fat and not be able to walk properly, whilst Hannah will be too heavy to fly. When these two go off on one of their adventures and get into any trouble, which they cannot get out of, then it is usually Witchy Peg - the Good Witch of the Wood - who comes to their rescue.