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Drop Caphis page shows a selection of short quicktime movies for 'Bella Bear and Friends' They are not perfected yet but I will refine them. Click on the pictures to view or download the QuickTime movies or the Flash videos. You will need QuickTime 7.0 or Flash Player 8.0 or later to view them. You can download the latest version of QuickTime from here.

BBC Competition 2005  

The flick on the left is my first minute-long animation of Bella Bear. I was a bit of a rush job for the BBC's 'New Animator Competition' which I only found about about in July 2005 and the deadline was the 1st September. Still I did the best I could in the time I had and made my first DVD with it...

BBC Competition (15.5mb)
Blow the doors off  

For this flick I took the idea from the film 'The Italian Job'. It's not finished yet, I need to refine it more and put an explosion in... but it's getting there!

Please note: This movie does contain a mild swear word - I hope you like it!

Doors (2.4mb)
Bear and flower  
This is silly
Bear and Flower (733kb)
Silly (3.3mb)
Hannah's landing   Alf wakes Rexie
Hannah's Crash Landing (955kb)
Alf Wakes Rexie (1,989kb)
Alf walks his pets   Hash Competition Winner
Alf Walks his Pets (995kb)
Animation Master Competition Winner 2001 (3860kb)