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Alf the Goblin


Drop CapAlfie is not a malevolent creature, mischievous? A little bit, more like plain stupid and tending to get himself in a pickle, like getting trapped down a well. He doesn't talk properly more like mumbles and gesticulates, but it doesn't really matter anyway because Witchy Peg doesn't really listen to him anyway. Preferring to interpret what he is trying to say into whatever she sees fit - which is usually completely the wrong thing.

Alf is a good little house keeper and busies himself each day with tidying up Pegs old mansion, polishing her cauldron and ensuring that there are the right ingredients for dinner. Most importantly that the gin decanter is topped up! He very rarely wanders off into Bear Wood but never has any fear of the dark or dingy places. What do you expect he is a goblin!