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Bella Bear


Drop Caphe star of the show, she has the body of a bear and the head of a human. She walks on her two feet which she calls her trotters because she uses them for trotting about. She is a very sweet natured creature, kind and lovable but she is prone to unpredictable mischief when she feels like it i.e. throwing things and pulling faces.

Besides her soft nature though there is a darker side. She has four stages of temper, biffy, grunty, growly and lastly grizzly. When she reaches grizzly mode she transforms from her lovable cuddly self into a VERY large and aggressive grizzly bear-type creature. This mode does take some reaching however, but is her only means of protection from anything that would threaten her safety.

She lives in her igloo in Bear Wood which has a tree growing through the middle of it. She is very house proud and is constantly cleaning and dusting her igloo which contains a massive bed. You see when she first yawns that's a sign to her that it's time for hibernation - sleeping to you and me - and she will literally drop everything and head straight to her bed, crawling under the covers to her pillow making sure she is snug and comfy and then she hibernates until its time to get up. Which could be any time!

Bella Bear does not live on the usual sort of wild bear foods. No, she has a very sweet tooth and one of her biggest obsessions is her favourite and usually only food - sweets, cakes and biscuits. She will literally stop anything she is doing if she sees sweeties and usually scoff the lot. Which is why she is a bit podgy!