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Cake Shop
Drop CapThis is the third Bella Bear story and as usual, what sets out to be an innocent trip to the cake shop ends up as a dialemma for Bella Bear and her friend Hannah Bannah... But this time there is no Withcy Peg to help them out.

Bella Bear woke up after a lovely sleep and looked out of her window. 'What a lovely day' she thought, nice and sunny.   After touching her toes a few time she decided that was enough excercises for the morning and started feeling rather hungry.


'I'm off to the'Cake Shop' she said as she walked outside her igloo 'I haven't been there for ages'. 'Where's that Hannah Bannah?'   Giving her usual whistle for Hannah Bannah, Hannah her best friend came flying into join her on her trip to the cakeshop.
All excited at the prospect of all those lovely cakes the intrepid duo set off on there way to the Cake Shop.  
Unfortunately, Bella Bear and Hannah Bannah had a rather poor sense of direction. But they both knew there way to the 'All knowing' Chuckaboro Tree.